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We at Ayusham uses self-prepared oils, decoctions, powders and ghrit from natural herbs under the supervision of expert ayurvedic physicians. The medications in panchkarma used are chosen on the basis of vikruti and prakriti of every individual.


In order to treat our bodies; it is highly advisable to use the natural herbs which are made of same panchmahabhutta as our body. We use only natural medications and provide completely a chemical free treatment and detoxifying processes.


Both hygiene and sanitation are one of vital aspect of maintaining the good health. At Ayusham we take cleaning very seriously thus focuses on personal and environmental hygiene.


Ayusham is an advanced health care which in itself is equipped with professional doctors providing the traditional therapies clubbed with modern research techniques with no side effects and are completely non habit forming.

Rasayana chikitsa (rejuvenation therapy)

Rejuvenation therapy aims at rejuvenation of body tissues and increases the life span. At physical level the therapy aims at improving the general health, enhancing the metabolism, repairing the wear and tear of body tissues caused due to diseases or ageing, removing waste products and toxins while at mental level, the therapy improves the memory and intelligence and improves the sensory perception abilities.
Rejuvenation therapy involves Abhyanga, which harmonizes the body with soul and detoxify the deep seated toxins thus is extremely useful in diseases like arthritis, post natal care, stress oriented diseases, obesity, diabetes etc.
For mind rejuvenation therapies like shiro dhara and shiro basti relaxes the mind by reducing the stress levels, relieving the mental exhaustion, anxiety, strengthen the central neural system thereby improving the concentration, confidence and self-esteem.

Shodana chikitsa ( Body purification therapy)

Unhealthy lifestyles, hectic routines and food habits leads to accumulation of toxins which eventually over the time leads to diseases. The therapy involves the liquefaction of toxins by snehan and swedan karma and then the toxins are driven out from body by detoxifying procedures like vaman(medicated emesis), basti(medicated enema), virechana (medicated purgation) according to dosha of the body, bala(strength), agni(digestive fire) and strota dusthi.
Nasyam (medicated oil administration through nose) liquefy the toxin present around the sub-clavicular region and re-furbishes the tridoshas to balanced condition, thus the procedure is extremely useful in treating both acute and chronic diseases like rhinitis, sinusitis, migraines, headaches.

Slimming program

In Ayurveda the slimming refers to balance between fat in body and metabolism without starving yourself. Unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and some metabolic disorder leads to fat accumulation under the skin. The program includes the massage with medicated oils and massage with medicated herbal powders. The hot potency of above medicated oils and powder helps in elimination of fat from body and thus keeping the body healthy by rectifying the body metabolism. Yogic poses when practiced regularly along with above mentioned massages leads to regulated fat metabolism.

Skin and beauty program

Use of ayurvedic medicated face packs, scrubs, powders, oil massages and herbs helps in removing the dead skin layers, wrinkles, blemishes and acnes, The procedures also tone up the skin adding the glowing skin without use of any artificial cosmetics. Along with cleansing the pores, also detoxify the body from inside. The therapy increases the blood circulation to create a healthy glow and strengthen the muscles .Apart from obvious beautifying aspects, this extended massage also leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated feeling. For healthy hair maintenance in today worlds of chemicals and stress is a tedious work. The regiu;lar use of chemicals eventually leads to hair fall, damaged hairs, dandruff, slit ends and other hair related problems. The use of natural hair care products helps to get back the healthy natural hair..

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand to keep mind and body healthy. Practicing yoga improves the endurance, flexibility and strength while meditation helps keep the mind alert, relieves stress and anxiety thus overall strengthening the immune system. The breathing exercises called pranayama practiced help in clearing the sinuses and thus is used in treating chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, migraine and other headaches. Meditation reduces the stress hormones thus providing the relieving sensation to mind and brain. The improved neural activities, raised concentration, better endurance to stress and better reaction time and abilities can also be gained after the regular practice.

Latest Technology

Ayusham uses the latest technology for complete body and mind analysis. The latest gadgets are also used for therapeutic purpose to reduce the stress hormones and relax the neural activities of the brain. The nadi Pariksha done with modern analyser is used to create the balance between the tridoshas, dhatu and sub dhatu to attain the complete health. The gadgets induce the stimulation to particular brain regions and thus activate the neural activities of the same region thus helping in treating the depression, anxiety and insomnia. All the therapies are non habit forming with no evident side effects.

Ayusham (An Advanced Natural treatment Centre) 1st Floor, Plot No. 293, Phase1, Industrial Area, Panchkula-134112

Ph.no. +91-172-5221-940

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